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05/04/2014 BA Annual BoT Meeting headed by President of Egypt
03/04/2014 Horizons on Egyptian Television
27/03/2014 Serageldin Attends Review Panel Meeting of ICSU
26/03/2014 A Professional talk to NLB and LAS Teams
25/03/2014 Learning from History in Islamic Education
03/03/2014 KIT Collection Reaches Alexandria Harbor
19/02/2014 Serageldin Co-chairs NGIC Meeting in Athens
11/02/2014 Meeting with the President of Egypt
05/02/2014 Roundtable Discussion on the History of Censorship
25/01/2014 Serageldin’s Reflections on Third Anniversary of Egyptian Revolution
10/01/2014 Magisterial Lecture at Inter American University of Puerto Rico
08/12/2013 Interview on ABC’s RN Late Night Live
07/12/2013 Club de Madrid Call to Action from Brisbane
04/12/2013 World Leaders and Former Leaders convene at CGDC Annual Meeting
03/12/2013 Serageldin signs MoU with Elsevier
02/12/2013 On the Leading Role of the BA in UNL
24/11/2013 Honor of the Golden Lion bestowed on Serageldin
18/11/2013 Serageldin Chairs WDL Annual Meeting
14/11/2013 A Shared Commitment to Education
13/11/2013 Panel on the Importance of Biotechnology
12/11/2013 A Presentation on Sustaining Sustainability
04/11/2013 Serageldin chairs workshop of Water Futures and Solutions
01/11/2013 Keynote address on how University Education Needs to be Transformed
31/10/2013 The BA saves the Collection of the Royal Tropical Institute
06/10/2013 Tenth Anniversary STS Forum
03/10/2013 Candidates for Chirac Peacemakers Prize Presented to the Jury
02/10/2013 A talk on the Birth of a new Egypt at the American Club in Paris
02/10/2013 The Library Yesterday and Today at the BnF
14/09/2013 Discussing MoU with Carter Center
05/09/2013 Sessions on Shared Societies at NGIC
19/08/2013 The World Digital Library - A memory of the World
17/08/2013 The Library of Alexandria – Past and Future
16/08/2013 Exploring the Role of the Book in Human Civilization
15/08/2013 On the Future Challenges of Information Literacy
14/08/2013 High Level of Media interest in the Second International Summit of the Book
14/08/2013 What Happened in the Library on the 14th of August
27/07/2013 Egypt’s Ongoing Revolution – Part II - On Violence and the Path Ahead
19/07/2013 Gulbenkian Prize awarded to BA and Serageldin
16/07/2013 Serageldin to sign MoU between BA and Nizami Ganjavi Center
11/07/2013 Keynote Speech In Panama on the Universities of Tomorrow
15/06/2013 Serageldin welcomed as new member of Royal Academy of Belgium
12/06/2013 Once again at the Library of Congress
28/05/2013 The Story of the BA at the British Academy
14/05/2013 Flame of Peace Awarded to Serageldin
08/05/2013 Serageldin opens the First South Caucasus International Forum
25/04/2013 Presentation at APS Annual Meeting – A great success
18/04/2013 Keynote speech at NCL in Taipei
03/04/2013 Reissuing Essays on Islam
08/03/2013 Lectures at LoC on the Future of Egypt and the Future of Libraries
07/03/2013 A talk at the World Bank on Egypt’s Revolution and the BA
05/02/2013 A Fruitful Meeting at the Austrian National Library
04/02/2013 World Water Scenarios in Laxenburg
23/01/2013 Sessions on Culture, History and Politics at Davos
21/01/2013 A keynote lecture at KAUST
06/12/2012 Standing Ovation at the Library of Congress
05/12/2012 WDL Executive Council Meeting Presided by Serageldin
03/12/2012 Serageldin Main Curator of Nizami Exhibition in Washington DC
28/11/2012 Examining the Role and Responsibilities of Higher Education
22/11/2012 Peacemakers Award Ceremony
20/11/2012 Center for Hellenistic Studies to pursue further success
12/11/2012 A Talk at WIPO on Innovation and Food Security
07/11/2012 APS Induction Ceremony
02/11/2012 Second High Level Panel Meeting in Johannesburg
11/10/2012 A talk on the BA at the National Library in Singapore
09/10/2012 Serageldin chairs plenary session at STS annual meeting
08/10/2012 Four Honorary Doctorates from Georgia and Azerbaijan
01/10/2012 Eventful Visit to Baku
30/09/2012 MoU with Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
28/09/2012 Serageldin co-chairs Conference of 870th Anniversary of Nizami Ganjavi
27/09/2012 Visiting the Universities of Georgia
26/09/2012 From Ankara to Istanbul
25/09/2012 A busy schedule of top level meetings and visits in Ankara
24/09/2012 Serageldin signs MoU with National Library of Turkey
13/09/2012 Outstanding Peacemakers to be selected
12/08/2012 Serageldin member of Scientific Advisory Committee to World Social Science Report 2013
08/08/2012 African Union High Level Panel co-chaired by Serageldin at the BA
26/07/2012 Serageldin selected to High Level Panel of African Union
25/07/2012 EOL Executive Committee holds Follow-up Meeting
20/07/2012 Strengthening Collaborations in Research and Innovation
14/07/2012 Serageldin Chairs Africa-Europe Partnership Symposium in Dublin
26/06/2012 About the BA and the Arab Spring
25/06/2012 The Gender Agenda in MENA
05/06/2012 Keynote speech at Library of Congress on video
23/05/2012 Al-Hayat publishes chapters from Serageldin’s Consititution Essay
02/05/2012 Serageldin elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
22/04/2012 Serageldin opens sixth BiovisionAlexandria
03/02/2012 The BA mourns the tragic death of the football fans in Port Said
12/01/2012 Al-Masry Al-Youm publishes Serageldin’s thoughts on The New Constitution
26/12/2011 Serageldin chosen as Vice President of the Institut d’Egypte
30/10/2011 Serageldin gives Nexus Lecture 2011
23/10/2011 The BA and Al-Azhar Co-organize a Seminar on Cultural Consensus
12/10/2011 Keynote Address at WIPO on Copyright Infrastructure
04/10/2011 Plenary Speech on Food and Population at STS Forum
14/09/2011 Chirac Foundation Jury convenes
14/09/2011 On Sea Level Rise Adaptation in Alexandria
14/08/2011 The Library of Alexandria greatly admired by IFLA delegates
29/07/2011 Serageldin now on Twitter
25/07/2011 A busy schedule in South Africa
23/07/2011 Serageldin presents Ninth Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture
14/07/2011 Serageldin gives a remarkable presentation at IFPRI
29/06/2011 France names Serageldin Commander of the Order of Arts & Letters.
27/06/2011 A Speech on Poverty Eradication and Biodiversity
03/06/2011 Upholding the universal Values of Science
31/05/2011 Towards enhancing education and research in the Life Sciences
18/05/2011 In a lifelong endeavor to abolish hunger
10/05/2011 ONTV interviews Serageldin tonight
01/05/2011 Serageldin receives NAS Public Welfare Medal
30/04/2011 American Philosophical Society votes Serageldin as member
13/04/2011 Encyclopedia of Life Meeting at Smithsonian
04/04/2011 Politics and Power in Shakespeare
12/02/2011 To all Our Friends Around the World: 18 Days that Shook the World
12/02/2011 A Salute to the Great Youth of Egypt
08/02/2011 On CNN: The Will of the People saved the Library
07/02/2011 The Library is safe
30/01/2011 Serageldin's Statement on the Events in Egypt
21/01/2011 Serageldin Chairs World Digital Library Meeting
18/01/2011 NAS awards the Public Welfare Medal to Serageldin
10/01/2011 Al-Masry Al-Youm interviews Serageldin on Vital Environmental Issues
03/01/2011 January Lectures at Collège de France
01/01/2011 The Murderous Merchants Of Hate
22/12/2010 Serageldin elected Member of The Royal Society in Gothenburg
08/12/2010 International Forum to Combat Human Trafficking
04/12/2010 Africa Prize Awarded to Serageldin in a Grand Ceremony
18/11/2010 Serageldin gives Inaugural Lecture at Collège de France
05/11/2010 Winners of Chirac Foundation Prize selected
27/10/2010 A Lecture by Serageldin at the University of Chicago
21/10/2010 The Shape of Tomorrow
20/10/2010 Animation Films in Cairo Salon
04/10/2010 Serageldin Chairs STS Plenary on Food, Nutrition and Population
23/09/2010 Serageldin at the Gothenburg Book Fair
21/09/2010 On the New Knowledge Revolution
09/09/2010 Serageldin Nominated Professor in Collège de France
04/09/2010 On the Threats and Opportunities of Water Security
13/08/2010 On the Evolution of Censorship
07/08/2010 Swaminathan Award for Environmental Protection goes to Serageldin
07/08/2010 Towards Eliminating Hunger and Poverty
06/08/2010 Serageldin Chairman of the Executive Council of the WDL
26/07/2010 A talk with Serageldin on the air.
24/07/2010 Serageldin signs Collaboration Agreement with The Cyprus Institute
05/07/2010 A Message from the Friends of Ismail Serageldin
02/07/2010 “Interact with Today’s World” at the BA
01/07/2010 Institute of Psychiatry invites Serageldin to give Annual Okasha Lecture
27/06/2010 Serageldin opens Planetarium Society Conference
26/06/2010 SMWIPM board meeting
23/06/2010 Ibn Khaldoun in Cairo Salon
22/06/2010 A Meeting with the Partners of the World Digital Library
16/06/2010 Towards Enhanced U.S-Muslim Collaborations
15/06/2010 The Jury meets with the Experts Committee
10/06/2010 The American Constitution in Cairo Salon
05/06/2010 Interview with Serageldin in IM Magazine
02/06/2010 The Openings and Opportunities for the Jobs of Tomorrow
26/05/2010 Creating the Concept of Shared Value
25/05/2010 Discussing Summer Activities with Youth Network
16/05/2010 Pursuing Solutions to the Challenges of Carrying Capacity
15/04/2010 Cairo Salon Discusses the Culture of the Mashreq and Maghreb
15/04/2010 BioVisionAlexandria 2010 Comes to a Close
12/04/2010 BioVisionAlexandria 2010 Opens at the BA
11/04/2010 Mrs. Mubarak Throws a Reception for BioVisionAlexandria 2010 Speakers
28/03/2010 Reshaping the Future of Agriculture
25/03/2010 Intelligence and Brilliance in Cairo Salon
25/03/2010 Meeting with the members of the Francophone Digital Network
25/03/2010 A Book about Half a Million Books
15/03/2010 A Keynote Speech at the Fulbright Commission
03/03/2010 Serageldin On the Air
24/02/2010 Serageldin awarded Lifetime Africa Achievement Prize
22/02/2010 Addressing the Priorities and Concerns of US-Muslim Relations
16/02/2010 Innovative Ideas on Water Issues
07/02/2010 A Full Theatre at the Supreme Council of Culture
30/01/2010 On the Values of Islamic Enlightenment - in Al-Ahram
26/01/2010 A keynote speech on Science Communications
21/01/2010 Encyclopedia of Life Governance Discussions
20/01/2010 Serageldin in Paris for TWAS Steering Committee Meeting
29/12/2009 BA Receives the First Shipment of the French Donation
23/12/2009 Martin Scorsese… The legendary Film Director at the BA
21/12/2009 Serageldin on CNN
18/12/2009 Smithsonian Institution in Cairo Salon
14/12/2009 Mrs. Mubarak Honors Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali at the BA
11/12/2009 Serageldin Receives Honorary Doctorate from Trinity College
02/12/2009 Two Lectures at Stanford University
30/11/2009 A Donation of Half a Million Books from the BnF to the BA
19/11/2009 Harvard University Revisited
14/11/2009 Keynote speech at international conference on Darwin
06/11/2009 Selecting the Winners of the First Conflict Prevention Prize
26/10/2009 A keynote Speech on the Dialogue of Civilization
23/10/2009 Charles Darwin in Cairo Salon
20/10/2009 President of Finland Talks at Panel Discussion Moderated by Serageldin
03/10/2009 Assessing Regional Climate Change Impact
02/10/2009 A stellar talk about the BA at the National Diet Library of Japan
01/10/2009 Video of “Muslim Scholars”
18/09/2009 Serageldin receives standing ovation at the University of Tulsa
14/09/2009 Two Honorary doctorates awarded to Serageldin by Azerbaijan Universities
08/09/2009 A lecture by Serageldin at the Centennial Celebration of the National Library of China
22/08/2009 Muslim Scholars once again on TV
21/08/2009 Cairo Salon Discusses the Memory of Modern Egypt Project
13/08/2009 A Lecture about Bioethics
12/08/2009 Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus's new book begins one of its chapters with a quote by Serageldin.
06/08/2009 Serageldin signs grant agreement with Carnegie Corporation of New York
03/08/2009 Serageldin Visits Folger Shakespeare Library
13/07/2009 Issues magazine features an article by Serageldin
26/06/2009 Serageldin lectures at the Salzburg Global Seminar this weekend
25/06/2009 Beirut Arab University Grants Serageldin Honorary Doctoral Degree
15/06/2009 Deliberating with the jury
04/06/2009 Serageldin defends the “Right to Know, Right Now”
10/05/2009 Surprise birthday celebration for Serageldin at the BA
08/05/2009 HCST Members meet to brainstorm on critical research topics
21/04/2009 Serageldin presents BA contributions at UNESCO launch of WDL
19/04/2009 Building Trust at the WANA Forum
16/04/2009 A talk at Cairo University on the Clash and Alliance of Civilizations
09/04/2009 President of Cyprus visits the BA
06/04/2009 Serageldin moderates High Level Ministerial Debate at AoC Forum
24/03/2009 Serageldin's lecture at the University of Geneva a great success
08/03/2009 Finding Solutions through Life Sciences at Biovision 2009
01/03/2009 Dialogue without Boundaries
27/02/2009 Arab Youth exchange views on Culture and Identity
18/02/2009 The Magic of Movies
17/02/2009 In Honor of Sadat
15/02/2009 Facing Common Challenges
03/02/2009 TWAS in Trieste
22/01/2009 Serageldin appointed member of the Advisory Board of CoDA
17/01/2009 On the role of Think Tanks in development
14/01/2009 “Arab Women Facing the Challenges of Globalization” Conference at the BA
12/01/2009 A Lecture on “Scientific Research Horizons” in Bahrain
10/01/2009 STS Meeting in Washington
05/01/2009 Launching the Science Supercourse Project
21/12/2008 Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
02/12/2008 Preserving Cultural Heritage in Florence, Alexandria, Rome
24/11/2008 France names Serageldin a Knight of the French Legion of Honor
19/11/2008 Serageldin co-chairs UNEP Meeting in Santa Barbara
10/11/2008 Serageldin appointed as Alliance of Civilizations Ambassador
09/11/2008 TWAS Meetings and Celebrations in Mexico
04/11/2008 A candid exchange of Japan-Arab views
15/10/2008 Strengthening dialogue in the West Asia and North Africa region
14/10/2008 Serageldin signs cooperation agreement with Shoman Foundation in Amman
06/10/2008 Biofuels . . . a double threat
04/10/2008 Serageldin signs cooperation agreement with United Nations University
24/09/2008 Serageldin accompanies First Lady of Egypt to YES Summit in Azerbaijan
21/09/2008 Addressing the challenges and opportunities of globalization
17/09/2008 Reaching hands across the Mediterranean
09/09/2008 Radio interview with Serageldin at Wellcome Trust
03/09/2008 Serageldin interviewed for a documentary on Human Rights
01/09/2008 “Muslim Scholars" everyday at 3:55 pm on Channel 1
27/08/2008 Japan’s expected role in human development in the Middle East
11/08/2008 Serageldin receives “Champion of Youth” Award
10/08/2008 Serageldin opens World Digital Library Meeting
10/08/2008 Laval University awards Honorary Doctorate to Serageldin
08/08/2008 “ Science” Magazine features an editorial by Serageldin
21/07/2008 President Sampaio invites Serageldin to address the "Cercle d'Amis de l'Alliance"
21/07/2008 From Ancient Novels to the Digital Revolution
19/07/2008 Serageldin thanks Wikimania for “Changing the shape of Wisdom”
17/07/2008 Welcome to Wikimania 2008
15/07/2008 An ardent call for Multi-religious Cooperation for Peace
13/07/2008 President Sarkozy invites Serageldin to Paris Summit and Bastille Day celebrations
26/06/2008 The values and the boundaries of man . . . in respect of nature
25/06/2008 Reflections on Nature amidst the lakes, forests and mountains of Tällberg
18/06/2008 Reaching for New Horizons at Petra
15/06/2008 “The Future of Computing” a Lecture by Serageldin at the BA
10/06/2008 “Expanding the Role of Women in Cross-Cultural Dialogue” in Baku
09/06/2008 Inauguration Ceremony of Chirac Foundation
08/06/2008 Mo Ibrahim Award Ceremony to be held at the BA for second time
27/05/2008 Serageldin welcomes HRH Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium to the BA
25/05/2008 Annual meeting of Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement
24/05/2008 The role of the BA, ancient and modern, demonstrated in Milan
22/05/2008 Discourse by Serageldin at Royal Irish Academy
19/05/2008 Future scenarios explored at The World Economic Forum
08/05/2008 The Order of the Rising Sun awarded to Serageldin by the Emperor of Japan
30/04/2008 Keynote address at “Higher Education Summit for Global Development”
28/04/2008 Serageldin Attends Digital Library Federation Meeting
23/04/2008 In Celebration of Shakespeare
22/04/2008 Database of “Beacon for Freedom of Expression” to be translated into Arabic
17/04/2008 Forum discussions on how Biofuel Subsidies Drive Food-Price Inflation
16/04/2008 A Clarion Call
13/04/2008 BioVisionAlexandria 2008 under theme “From Promises to Practice”
06/04/2008 Feed, Food and Fuel discussed at Barley Genetics Syposium
06/04/2008 Golden Anniversary celebration of Al-Arabi magazine
04/04/2008 The linked futures of North and South regions of the Mediterranean
31/03/2008 A call for Arab participation in technological advances
24/03/2008 A Call for Education and Innovation Among Youth
14/03/2008 Serageldin Speaks on Modernization and Cultural Identity in Islam
03/03/2008 BA and TIG Join Together to Empower Youth and Promote Cross-Cultural Dialogue
23/02/2008 Cairo University Honors Serageldin
27/12/2007 Serageldin awarded Two Honorary Doctorates from Azerbaijan
27/12/2007 President of Azerbaijan receives Serageldin in Baku
26/12/2007 Serageldin meets with the First Lady of Azerbaijan
26/11/2007 BA hosts First Mo Ibrahim Prize Ceremony
19/11/2007 Serageldin Chairs Fifth Session of the Japan-Arab Dialogue Forum
02/11/2007 Copyright talk at Carnegie Mellon
27/10/2007 NSF advisory committee meeting
23/10/2007 Celebrating five dynamic years at the BA
03/09/2007 Sharm El Sheikh Youth Conference a great success
25/08/2007 The new face of terrorism – A three part introduction
17/08/2007 Serageldin hosts weekly hour-long TV program
10/07/2007 An on-air presentation
22/06/2007 Serageldin named a Senator in Egypt
21/06/2007 Lunch with Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway
19/06/2007 IPL Science Board Meeting
11/06/2007 A Conference for Policymakers and Practitioners
06/06/2007 Publishing for Impact
24/05/2007 Revisiting the magnificent coral reefs of the Red Sea
22/05/2007 In the knowledge economy, we are all developing nations
20/05/2007 On a boat in Geneva
20/05/2007 Putting diversity to work at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East
19/05/2007 Religion and science are non overlapping magisteria
19/05/2007 C-100 meets again
10/05/2007 IUBS conference starts with a bang in Washington DC
04/05/2007 Committee reconvenes on Millennium Development Goals
30/04/2007 Serageldin presents the hidden patterns in Shakespeare’s plays
29/04/2007 Bibliotheca Alexandria Trustees convene for their Eighth meeting
26/04/2007 Wikipedia interviews Serageldin
14/04/2007 Serageldin hosts Helsinki Process roundtable at the BA
05/04/2007 Brainstorming on “Hate as a Contagious Disease"
01/04/2007 BA hosts GFAR meeting
27/03/2007 President Khatami speaks on the dialogue of civilizations at the BA
16/03/2007 Serageldin Speaks at the Belgium Senate
14/03/2007 A Record Attendance at BioVision 2007
08/03/2007 Charles Correa presents the language of Architecture at the BA
07/03/2007 Serageldin welcomes superstar Hussein Fahmy to the BA
06/03/2007 World Bank African Development Indicators launched at the BA
03/03/2007 Women and Human Rights take center stage at the fourth Arab Reform Conference
22/02/2007 A magisterial series of lectures on American history and contemporary reality
11/02/2007 CREF Board of Trustees meeting brings Serageldin to Cyprus
06/02/2007 Tenth BA management retreat
19/01/2007 Serageldin meets with the new Head of Japan’s delegation to the JA Dialogue
17/01/2007 Serageldin in Trieste for TWAS steering committee meeting
16/01/2007 Serageldin welcomes Robert Putnam to the BA
13/12/2006 Meeting on biotechnology and human security
06/12/2006 Reinventing Egyptian Education
04/12/2006 Serageldin presents science in Egypt from Imhotep to Zewail
17/11/2006 An evening to remember
13/11/2006 Alliance of Civilizations – THE REPORT
13/10/2006 Nantes University Honors Serageldin
04/10/2006 Serageldin receives award for promoting Gandhian values
18/09/2006 Vision for Alexandria
12/09/2006 Lights and Shadows of Science and Technology
02/09/2006 Serageldin receives TWAS Medal in Brazil
20/08/2006 GWP celebrates 10th anniversary
02/07/2006 In Memoriam: Ryutaro Hashimoto
22/06/2006 Serageldin proposes Education for Peace at second Petra conference of Nobel laureates
09/05/2006 DLF spring board meeting in Washington
28/04/2006 ‘Scientific Supercourse’ by Laporte, Omenn, Serageldin, Cerf and Linkov featured in Science Magazine
27/04/2006 Statement condemning terrorist attacks
22/04/2006 A series of lectures on agriculture
17/04/2006 An evening with Ismail Serageldin
09/04/2006 Shakespeare Now
28/03/2006 Is sustainable development feasible?
14/03/2006 Serageldin introduces BA to KIT
01/03/2006 BA holds third Arab Reform conference
26/02/2006 Cartoon crisis calls for new dialogue between cultures
16/02/2006 Serageldin moderates panel discussion on “Women in an Insecure World”
15/02/2006 Suzanne Mubarak launches Institute for Peace Studies at the BA
25/01/2006 Serageldin in Davos for the Creative Imperative
23/01/2006 SMWIPM takes on Human Trafficking
17/12/2005 Serageldin goes to Upper Egypt
06/12/2005 Hans Christian Andersen and the Art of Writing
01/12/2005 A stellar presentation on science in Egypt
30/11/2005 President Mubarak: The BA a center for dialogue among cultures and civilizations
27/11/2005 Serageldin in Spain for the Alliance of Civilizations
16/11/2005 Message from the UN Secretary-General on the launch of the Arab Info. Mall
16/11/2005 BA at Phase II of the WSIS in Tunis
15/11/2005 The Pasha remembered
12/11/2005 Dream TV airs two-hour-long interview with Serageldin
03/10/2005 Serageldin shines light on reform issues at the Library of Congress
11/09/2005 A gripping summation at the close of the second STS forum
25/08/2005 JCCME celebrates 30th anniversary at annual conference
07/08/2005 Personal reminiscences by Serageldin at Swaminathan’s 80th birthday
31/07/2005 A minute of silence in Sharm El Sheikh
26/07/2005 Celebrating teamwork at BA managerial retreat
16/07/2005 Second task group meeting of the Japan/Arab Dialogue Forum
21/06/2005 Back at Hypothesis
06/06/2005 At the Einstein conference ancient Arab scholars are in demand
04/06/2005 TWAS Arab regional office launched at the BA
02/06/2005 Serageldin gets second term
01/06/2005 BA joins DLF
18/05/2005 Serageldin joins Nobel laureates in Petra to challenge global concerns
06/05/2005 Promoting a culture of peace in Sharm El Sheikh
01/05/2005 Revisiting corals
28/04/2005 Dag Hammarskjld centenary lecture at the BA
20/04/2005 The official inauguration of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria
02/04/2005 Arab competitiveness takes center stage
29/03/2005 Reflections on the future of water and food security
28/03/2005 ESSD week brings Serageldin to the World Bank
25/03/2005 University of Minnesota awards Serageldin its highest honor
25/03/2005 Serageldin earns standing ovation for reform speech
24/03/2005 Three lectures, one day - A great hit!
13/03/2005 President Mubarak inaugurates the second conference on reform in the Arab world at the BA
13/03/2005 Serageldin directs the conference mission to focus on the civil society
06/03/2005 A stronger civil society for Egypt's future
05/03/2005 A task group meeting of the Japan-Arab Dialogue Forum
25/02/2005 Two intensive days with the press
22/02/2005 Serageldin calls for a Mediterranean of the 21st century
12/02/2005 On air
08/02/2005 Einstein lecture series begins
03/02/2005 Serageldin ends Knowledge Society Symposium on a high note
31/01/2005 The future of sustainable development in Rome
27/01/2005 Arab reform issues stirred at Davos
27/01/2005 Serageldin articulates link between productivity and governance
18/01/2005 STS preparatory meeting in Washington D.C.
13/01/2005 Serageldin named Ambassador for the Hans Christian Andersen bi-centennial
13/01/2005 BA staff meet with Mrs. Mubarak
12/01/2005 A magisterial lecture on social capital
12/01/2005 Scientific thinking at the Supreme Council for Culture
11/01/2005 Serageldin meets young Egyptian scientists
11/01/2005 Tsunamis and the BA staff
09/01/2005 Serageldin heads delegation to third meeting of the Japan Arab Dialogue
06/01/2005 An eloquent summation on the role of women and peace
05/01/2005 An intense managerial retreat
23/12/2004 Remembering the many who contributed
21/12/2004 An eloquent vision for Arab reform
16/12/2004 Summing up a lively consultation on Africa
11/12/2004 Serageldin gives the keynote address at RETBE 2004
11/12/2004 Goncourt Prize celebrates centennial at BA
10/12/2004 Educational reform in Egypt provokes a lively debate
07/12/2004 Serageldin outlines plan for Egypt's economic reform
01/12/2004 Water again takes center stage
28/11/2004 Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) wins Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA)
24/11/2004 Women Defending Peace conference in Geneva
02/11/2004 Ismail serageldin elected Fellow of the AAAS
01/11/2004 Science and technology in society (STS) forum in Kyoto charts future course
22/10/2004 Serageldin serves on special advisory group on Africa
12/10/2004 An Alexandrian celebration and an Egyptian opera
11/10/2004 Library of Alexandria celebrates its second year
08/10/2004 Serageldin presents the BA at the Frankfurt Book Fair
06/10/2004 Youth delegates meet in Mexico to discuss next stages in the Youth Employment Summit campaign
29/09/2004 Arab contributions to the history of science featured at the BA
26/09/2004 Who destroyed the ancient Library of Alexandria?
26/09/2004 Thousand-year-old manuscripts discussed at the BA
20/09/2004 Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo as special guests at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
20/09/2004 Underwater archeology at the BA
18/09/2004 Serageldin addresses freedom of expression conference
16/09/2004 Intellectuals annual meeting in Alexandria hears progress report by Serageldin
24/08/2004 IFLA Keynote address brings BA to center stage
21/07/2004 Science and Math take center stage
21/07/2004 Serageldin addresses Egyptian intellectuals
12/07/2004 Serageldin receives Neruda medal from the government of Chile
01/07/2004 DNA exhibition inaugurated
01/07/2004 Water and agriculture loom large for Egypts future
30/06/2004 Board meetings of BA centers end on a high note
21/06/2004 Serageldin addresses international publishers
18/06/2004 Serageldin speaks in Dutch senate
16/06/2004 Michel Rocard speaks at the Institut d'Egypte and the BA
16/06/2004 Arab workshop on free expression starts in BA
11/06/2004 First ever cooperation agreement signed between French Academy of Sciences and an Arab institution
11/06/2004 French Minitser of Culture hosts ceremony to honor Serageldin
10/06/2004 Serageldin speaks at Foundation for Political Innovation
07/06/2004 Region of Midi-Pyrenees Gives Serageldin its honorary medal
07/06/2004 Serageldin receives honorary doctorate from Toulouse Paul Sabatier University
06/06/2004 Serageldin lays out reform activities in Al-Ahram article
23/05/2004 After The Alexandria Declaration, what next? Heated debate focuses on democratic aspirations
21/05/2004 Egyptian intellectuals meet at the BA
17/05/2004 Harvard University Board of Advisors meets in the BA
14/05/2004 AAAS conference gives Serageldin a standing ovation
13/05/2004 Getty and the BA: Prospects for future collaboration?
11/05/2004 Serageldin speaks at Brookings
09/05/2004 Serageldin delivers Keynote address at International Water Conference
06/05/2004 Honorary doctorate from UTS highlight of Serageldin's visit in Australia
04/05/2004 Remarks by Ismail Serageldin at UTS graduation ceremony
03/05/2004 بيان المثقفين المصريين حول مكتبة الإسكندرية
19/04/2004 Conference on “Hegemony and Identity in the age of Globalization” launched at the BA
06/04/2004 BioVision conference concludes with an impassioned defense of the Scientific enterprise
02/04/2004 BA’s Board of Trustees commends progress at BA
02/04/2004 Nobel day held at BA
31/03/2004 Experts brainstorm about the future of IT
29/03/2004 Shakespeare comes to life – again – at the BA
17/03/2004 Serageldin speaks at the inauguration of the Millennium Assessment conference held in Alexandria
16/03/2004 National Women’s Council meetings conclude on a high note
16/03/2004 BA’s first children’s book fair is launched
15/03/2004 Arab Reform Forum is born
15/03/2004 Serageldin speaks at the meeting of CEDIMES
14/03/2004 “The Alexandria Document – March 2004” is endorsed by acclamation
12/03/2004 President Mubarak delivers opening address to the Arab reform conference organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
26/02/2004 Washington meetings reflect great international interest in the Arab reform conference
23/02/2004 Serageldin becomes member of oldest scientific institution outside of Europe
22/02/2004 A very busy 48 hours
21/02/2004 A lively debate “on the air”
20/02/2004 Serageldin lays out his vision of the Arab reform process
20/02/2004 Happy ending to controversy on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion…
20/02/2004 Alexandria hosts Egyptian civil society
05/02/2004 Science and technology (S&T) take center stage at the UN
30/01/2004 Library of Alexandria to host Arab reform meeting
22/01/2004 Turning Brain Drain into Brain Gain
22/01/2004 Serageldin chairs Davos panel on Heritage at Risk
21/01/2004 The C-100 to develop programs in culture as well as other tasks
20/01/2004 Serageldin speaks at Davos
19/01/2004 Serageldin joins in the planning of the Science and Technology for Society (STS) event in Japan
17/01/2004 Suzanne Mubarak International Women for Peace Movement (SMIWPM) launched
21/12/2003 Capacity building in science and technology featured at University of Alexandria
20/12/2003 Serageldin addresses social scientists
18/12/2003 YES Hyderabad Forum an enormous success
11/12/2003 Historians of water meet in Alexandria
10/12/2003 Emerging Humanisms discussed at the Library of Alexandria
10/12/2003 The past and future of Alexandria brings French and Egyptian scholars together
06/12/2003 A thoughtful closing statement at the conference on computer translation
04/12/2003 Serageldin issues a Public Statement about "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" controversy .
03/12/2003 Serageldin addresses Inter-Academy meeting about capacity building
20/11/2003 Serageldin addresses 75th meeting of ICAD
10/11/2003 A magisterial lecture on American history and current diplomacy
02/11/2003 Loss of a friend - Dr. Adel Abu Zahra passes away
01/11/2003 Umberto Eco at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
23/10/2003 Serageldin joins in homage to Taha Hussain
23/10/2003 Serageldin hosts meetings of Committees of Intellectuals ..
22/10/2003 Serageldin elected VP of Science Academy
15/10/2003 Serageldin honors Marie Curie
13/10/2003 First ever EU sponsored TEMPUS conference held in Alexandria
12/10/2003 The Bibliotheca Alexandrina celebrates a year since its inauguration
23/09/2003 Scientific responsibility discussed In Mexico, Serageldin delivers magisterial lecture
21/09/2003 A call to scientists..
16/09/2003 BA staff meet for weekly lectures
05/09/2003 Serageldin heads Egyptian delegation at first Japan-Arab Dialogue
01/09/2003 Serageldin chairs special meeting for establishing genetic platform for food security for the developing countries.
26/08/2003 Serageldin delivers keynote address at 25th anniversary meeting of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) in Basel
15/08/2003 New design and resumption of news items after a year of absence
18/02/2003 Toxicology specialists told of important civic and scientific role
10/02/2003 Serageldin decorated as Officer of Arts and Letters
03/07/2002 Summer season starts with a bang!
30/06/2002 Serageldin speaks out on poverty
24/06/2002 High level meeting on tourism gathers in Alexandria
29/05/2002 Wageningen University lecture series brings new perspectives to students
11/05/2002 Shakespeare monograph in Arabic
24/04/2002 Board of Trustees meets at the new Library of Alexandria
18/04/2002 Internet Archive launches major initiative with Bibliotheca Alexandrina
14/04/2002 Inauguration of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina postponed
05/04/2002 Science publishes an important essay by Serageldin
26/03/2002 Egyptian librarians honor Serageldin as Librarian of Alexandria
23/03/2002 Suez Canal history comes to life at Bibliotheca Alexandrina
19/03/2002 Declaration of the Biovision - BA partnership
16/03/2002 International gathering explores the issues of biotechnology
04/03/2002 Serageldin chairs international architectural conference
03/03/2002 Conservationists appeal to Serageldin to deliver their message
15/02/2002 Serageldin receives standing ovation at AAAS meeting
20/01/2002 Serageldin delivers major address in Kuwait
15/01/2002 Serageldin speaks at Cairo Book Fair
10/01/2002 Serageldin selected Man of the Year by the Kuwait Cultural Festival
01/12/2001 Youth Employment Summit consultation
01/12/2001 Meetings with International Associations of Friends deemed a success
05/11/2001 Drawing lessons of soft opening, Serageldin promises a special Library for children
30/10/2001 Soft opening of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina attracts 200,000 persons
01/10/2001 Soft opening starts with a bang, Naguib Mahfouz heads the list of honorees
08/09/2001 Library of Alexandria host many intellectuals
01/09/2001 First Lady and Trustees meet at the Library of Alexandria
07/06/2001 Serageldin selected as the World's Best Lecturer
01/06/2001 Celebration of Adel Abu-Zahra at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
29/05/2001 First meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina held in Cairo
28/05/2001 Serageldin confirmed as first Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
20/05/2001 Egyptian Association of Friends of the Library of Alexandria (EAFLA) passes 500 members
03/05/2001 Egyptian intellectuals meet to discuss the role of the Library of Alexandria in promoting dialogue and tolerance
03/05/2001 Egypts First Lady announces new directions for the Library of Alexandria
30/04/2001 Serageldin appointed to the Supreme Council for Culture
22/04/2001 Stellar Board to guide the Library of Alexandria
11/04/2001 Corals, and an unusual honor for Serageldin
09/04/2001 Conference on Biotechnology in the arid zones starts in Kuwait
06/04/2001 Herbie Hancock at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
04/04/2001 Serageldin starts tenure with meeting for all staff
04/04/2001 New Egyptian Association of the Friends of the Library of Alexandria established
29/03/2001 Serageldin named Director-General of the new Library of Alexandria
20/03/2001 Presidential decree signed spelling out the structures of the new Library of Alexandria
12/03/2001 Law for new Library of Alexandria passed
11/03/2001 Library of Alexandria rises by the Mediterranean
09/03/2001 Serageldin named Distinguished University Professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and delivers Foundation Day Lecture
03/03/2001 Scandinavian Committee of the Friends of the Library of the Alexandria visit the building
27/02/2001 Architecture debate
07/02/2001 Biovision forum attracts thousands on biotechnology forum
28/01/2001 The newest on the biotechnology front
23/01/2001 Thousands of youths attend Model UN in the Hague
21/01/2001 German-Egyptian dialogue explores cultural identity and globalization
08/01/2001 Indian National Youth Employment Summit (YES) consultation takes place in New Delhi
07/01/2001 India Science Congress brings together 4200 Scientists - Serageldin chairs and delivers address at final session
01/01/2001 Serageldin elected to the world academy of arts and sciences
12/12/2000 Urban heroes -- Serageldin delivers Prince Claus Fund awards lecture
01/12/2000 Serageldin elected to Arab thought forum
28/11/2000 White House conference on Culture and Diplomacy opened by President Clinton
18/11/2000 Environment and Engineering conference opens with a keynote address by Ismail Serageldin
12/11/2000 Serageldin speaks at Cairo University on a new economic paradigm
27/10/2000 Serageldin elected to the Presidency of the Universal Movement for Responsible Science (murs)
24/10/2000 Serageldin honored by Agricultural Group
22/10/2000 Serageldin honored at Isfahan Technical University
21/10/2000 Serageldin speaks on the role of science for food security
01/09/2000 Serageldin as distinguished visiting Professor at American University in Cairo (AUC) to speak on development
01/09/2000 Methodological discussions to undergird the AUC lecture series
24/08/2000 International Association of Universities challenged to think of quality and international collaboration
17/08/2000 Serageldin relinquishes chairmanship of Global Water Partnership (GWP) and is elected a "Patron" of the GWP
23/07/2000 CIS architects discuss faith, pluralism and architecture
17/07/2000 Remote sensing specialists get user's perspective
11/07/2000 Serageldin leaves the World Bank
10/07/2000 By popular demand: Serageldin’s farewell address at the World Bank
04/07/2000 Thousands gather in Berlin for Urban 21
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