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Arab competitiveness takes center stage
Doha, 02 April 2005  -- More than 200 Arab and world business, academic and political figures came together in Doha for a roundtable meeting on Arab competitiveness. The meeting was organized around the release of the World Economic Forum's Arab world competitiveness report. At the opening session titled What will it take for the Arab world to catch up in the competitiveness race? Serageldin joined H.E. Marwan Jamil Muasher, Mohamed Alabbar and Nik Gowing in an open discussion where they shared views and insights on commercial, political and economic developments in the region. Speaking out on governance at a later session, Serageldin emphasized the importance of a revitalized and mobilized civil society that can work side by side with the government to bring to life a new vision of an Arab renaissance. He also highlighted high levels of unemployment and insufficient access to information as common challenges faced by the Arab world.
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