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The Magic of Movies
Alexandria, 18 February 2009  -- At the BA Great Hall, in a three-part series presentation on the Art and Technique of Cinema , Serageldin illustrated the evolution of the seventh art, from its earliest days of silent cinema to the computer generated magic of today; tracing how “it went from being a curiosity to being an art form”. Using hundreds of film clips and stills, he dissected the secrets of cinema technique and artistry, and showed how the various elements of the art form -- image, movement, color, tone, dialogue, script, music, editing, cutting, dubbing and other aspects -- come together to achieve a successful effect.

The presentation was attended by a number of cinematographers including Actor Ezzat El-Alaily, Director Khaled Youssef and Actor Ashraf Zaki, in addition to cinema specialists, students and cinema lovers.

Click below to view webcasts of the event or to view the presentation.

Part One: Making Movies (Webcast) (Presentation)

Part Two: The Art of Film (Webcast) (Presentation)

Part Three: The Technique of Film (Webcast) (Presentation)
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