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Serageldin receives honorary doctorate from Toulouse Paul Sabatier University
Toulouse, France , 07 June 2004  -- The Universit Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, today held a special ceremony to honor Ismail Serageldin with a special Doctorate Honoris Causa, and to confer upon him a special medal of the university. The University of Toulouse is one of the oldest in the world , dating back from 1229 AD. The recent developments of the University saw a strong focus on sciences and a regrouping of the engineering and science node in Toulouse III, named after the eminent French Chemist Paul Sabatier, who received the Nobel Prize in 1912. Ismail Serageldin also thanks his hosts and promised expanded cooperation between the University and the BA, which will start immediately with a major conference in the fall using DNA analysis to trace ancient population movements in the Mediterranean.
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