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Serageldin gives Nexus Lecture 2011
Tilburg, The Netherlands, 30 October 2011  -- At the Nexus Institute in Tilburg, Serageldin addressed a large audience of intellectuals, artists, diplomats, politicians, and other decision-makers, with a lecture entitled “Knowledge and Memory in Alexandria. A Bridge between Islam and Europe”. The lecture was very well received and was followed by a question and answer session with the audience, moderated by Rob Riemen, Founder of the Nexus Institute.

Founded in 1994, the Nexus Institute annually invites a prominent, internationally renowned intellectual to give the Nexus Lecture, on a theme of cultural philosophy relating to pressing contemporary issues. The Nexus lecture, open to all and visited by over a thousand people, has become one of the most prestigious lecture series in Europe.

Also during his short visit to the Netherlands, Serageldin was interviewed by Newshour, the leading daily current affairs show on Dutch public television.

Click here to see a webcast of the interview

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