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Arab reform issues stirred at Davos
Davos, 27 January 2005  -- Ismail Serageldin today addressed an eminent gathering of world leaders, politicians, scholars and economists, on the timely issue of reform in the Arab world. He focused his talk on the policy priorities of the Arab world, the mechanisms that enable the Arab world to transform ideas into action and the key obstacles that will face the reform agenda in the coming years. Serageldin eloquently impressed upon his audience the need for a home grown reform and laid out a thoughtful and complete program of work to move in that direction. He also highlighted the importance of the engagement required by the civil society if the reform goals are to be met. The session also heard Gamal Mubarak, Shafik Gabr and Bassem Awadallah and was moderated by Ghassan Salama. Serageldin will also be participating in the sessions concerning Balancing Growth and Equity in the Global Economy and Exploring the Limits of Security and Liberty. The theme of the World Economic Forums 2005 Meeting is Taking Responsibility for Tough Choices.
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