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Two Honorary doctorates awarded to Serageldin by Azerbaijan Universities
Baku, 14 September 2009  -- Serageldin is being awarded two Honorary Doctorates by Azerbaijan Universities: Azerbaijan Cooperation University and National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Institute of History. This is not the first time Serageldin is honored by the Universities of Azerbaijan. In December 2007 Serageldin received two honorary doctorates from Azerbaijan State Economic University and Khazar University.

In between the award ceremonies, Serageldin’s two day visit to Baku will comprise a very busy schedule: he will be received by the First Lady of Azerbaijan; meetings will be held with the first deputy of the Prime minister of Azerbaijan, the Minister of Culture and Tourism and with the first deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; he will be awarded honorary membership by Azerbaijan Writer’s Union; and he will be interviewed by ANS television channel on the TV program “face of the week”.

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