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Celebration of Adel Abu-Zahra at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Alexandria , 01 June 2001  -- Adel Abu-Zahra, secretary general of the Egyptian Association of Friends of the Library of Alexandria (EAFLA), has been honored by the international associations in Geneva as one of the ten most effective leaders of the civil society in the world. To celebrate this achievement, the Governor of Alexandria and Ismail Serageldin hosted an evening to honor Dr. Abu-Zahra at the big auditorium of the Library of Alexandria. Over 600 persons attended from the many associations that Dr. abu Zahra founded and leads or continues to be actively involved with. Many intellectuals and writers and musicians attended. It was a moving evening and many of the attendees were deeply touched by many of the tributes and by the music that was played to honor Dr. Abu-Zahra.
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