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Remembering the many who contributed
Alexandria, 23 December 2004  -- Ismail Serageldin celebrated the Aga Khan award for architecture that the BA won in November with a special lecture on the AKAA, its origins, and its philosophy and the other winners of the 2004 Award. He then proceeded to extend a special appreciation of the many who had contributed to the creation of the building and were not among the main honorees at the Ceremony in India which justly recognized Mamdouh Hamza, Kjetil Thorsen, Craig Dykster and Cristoph Kappeller. Serageldin recognized some 30 persons, starting with Dr. Mohsen Zahran who had supervised the project since its inception. Serageldin recognized the members of the team of the engineers (Mamdouh Hamza and Associates) who had designed the building, and the work of the Egyptian administrators who had supervised the implementation of the project, led by Dr. Mohsen Zahran and his colleague Hisham Abdel Mohsen. Serageldin also lauded the quality of the execution by the contractors, and he even had a special award for the young Egyptian architect, Ihab El Habbak, who had only worked with Snohetta on the winning competition entry in 1989. Reached for comment, he said that the Award was a great honor and that all those who had contributed, in any facet of its achievement should be proud, and he was happy to recognize them all. Responding to a question, Serageldin said that recognizing so many persons was just a reflection of reality and did not in any way dilute the honor given to the main winners. He added that anything other than that would have been unfair to persons such as Mohsen Zahran and other colleagues.

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