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“The Alexandria Document – March 2004” is endorsed by acclamation
Alexandria , 14 March 2004  -- The Conference on Arab reform came to an end with a resounding endorsement of the "The Alexandria Document March 2004" . In an unprecedented process of participatory democratic decision-making, all 170 participants in the conference actively joined in the discussions and drafting of the document. A committee of 28 persons did the final drafting, most of whom appeared on stage as Serageldin read the final version which was approved by acclamation

Many of the participants said that they had a sense of elation, that they were witnessing a historic moment, and other similar upbeat expressions A few voices raised the concern about what the follow-up was likely to be, and whether the momentum that had been so effectively started could be maintained. Those who knew Ismail Serageldin from earlier initiatives assured the others that they were in for a different course than past disappointments, and that they should keep their spirits high.
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