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India Science Congress brings together 4200 Scientists - Serageldin chairs and delivers address at final session
New Delhi, 07 January 2001  -- The prestigious Indian Science Congress held its 88th session in New Delhi from January 3-7, 2001 at the new Campus of Pusa. The theme was food, nutrition and environmental security. Opened by the Prime Minister and involving 4200 scientists including over 90 foreign guests, the science congress had a stellar group of presenters and speakers. Ismail Serageldin Co-chaired the Final Plenary of the Congress, with Prof V.L. Chopra (incoming President of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences) and gave the main address on harnessing science for food security. The distinguished panel comprised two of the world's greatest scientists: M.G.K. Mennon (former president of ICSU), and M.S. Swaminathan, the founder of the green revolution, and Ismail Serageldin.
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