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On the Values of Islamic Enlightenment - in Al-Ahram
Cairo, 30 January 2010  -- Serageldin wrote an article in Al-Ahram on the values of the enlightenment as reflected in the reformist movements in Islam in the last 200 years, and on the importance of reviving that humanist and caring tradition in a time where many young people do not know enough about that side of their heritage and intolerant voices are claiming to speak for Islam. The article appeared as the third of a trilogy, right next to articles by Shaikh Al-Azhar and the Grand Mufti of Egypt. The religious page of Al-Ahram has become an important reference point for many and the three articles shared the top of the page. One of the aspects that is not sufficiently known about Serageldin is that in addition to his enormous breadth of interests in science, history, literature and the arts, he is also a respected figure in liberal religious circles where he speaks forcefully against fanaticism, obscurantism, bigotry and xenophobia. Also, Serageldin is the honorary president of the World Council of Religions for Peace.

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