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Finding Solutions through Life Sciences at Biovision 2009
Lyon, 08 March 2009  -- At this year’s Biovision forum, Serageldin moderated several sessions on topics ranging from biodiversity to biorobotics, and shared his visions on the "Economic Future of Africa" with other prominent personalities with different perspectives at a “Debate Dinner” where the speakers debated with the participants on issues related to Life Sciences and Nutrition, Agriculture, Health and Environment. In a lively discussion at “The BioVision Action Dinner”, which was devoted to a commitment to act, Serageldin spoke about planned actions in the context of the economic crisis – a valuable contribution to the event.

The Biovision forum convenes in Lyon and at the BA in Alexandria on alternating years. It brings leading global thinkers from a wide range of scientific disciplines together with industry decisionmakers and government policymakers. Its aim is to provide the bridge between society and science and is committed to finding solutions to the pressing challenges affecting our lives.

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