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The Murderous Merchants Of Hate
Alexandria, 01 January 2011  -- On New Year’s Eve in Alexandria, terrorists put a bomb at a Church, killing and maiming a large number of citizens. Violence between Christians and Muslims ensued. We severely condemn this crazy act of murder and mayhem, and the despicable merchants of hate who stand behind it.

At the time of the New Year, when all persons of goodwill are thinking of peace on earth, and look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011, it is important for all to reaffirm the fundamental values that we believe in, to stretch the hand of friendship and assistance to the families of the victims and to denounce these criminal acts and those who commit them.

It is essential that we all redouble our efforts to promote better understanding of the meaning of citizenship, of respect for human rights, and to advance the culture of peace throughout society. We must reassert the primacy of the values of openness and diversity, of dialogue and understanding. Only if each of us profoundly believes in these values and lives by them every day, will we be able to really build the society that we believe in

Statement by the Director of the Library of Alexandria, Dr. Ismail Serageldin, in reaction to the bomb attack on a Church in Alexandria.

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