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A gripping summation at the close of the second STS forum
Kyoto, 11 September 2005  -- Ismail Serageldin delivered an eloquent summary on IT’s impact on human society at the close of the second STS forum to a large audience of leading scientists, policymakers, business executives and opinion leaders from around the globe in Kyoto at the second annual meeting of the STS forum. HIH The Crown Prince of Japan and Prime Minister Koizumi attended the inaugural ceremony to express their support of the forum. Under the theme of “Lights and Shadows of S&T , the forum covered the following issues: “Sustainability – Energy and Environment”, “Life Sciences”, “IT’s Impact on Human Society”, “Capacity Building”, “S&T for Human Security” and “New Frontiers opened by S&T”. “Click here to go to STS forum homepage”


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