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Serageldin addresses Inter-Academy meeting about capacity building
Mexico City, 03 December 2003  -- Ismail Serageldin joined Professor Jacob Palis of Brazil on the podium of the inter-academy meeting in Mexico City today. The two, co-chairs of the International Panel On Capacity Building In Science And Technology (S&T) presented their panel’s final report to the assembled heads and representatives of academies from around the world. The report, entitled “Inventing A Better Future” can be found on the website of the inter-academy council

The report has many recommendations, clustered in five broad areas: Policy, human resources, institutions, the public/private interface, and financing mechanisms.

The report is the result of a two-year effort and was subjected to one of the most rigorous systematic reviews ever: 27 peer reviewers and the whole process refereed by two monitors who upon their satisfaction sent the report to the two co-chairs of the Inter-academy Council who in turn put it on the agenda of the Mexico city meeting.

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