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Presidential decree signed spelling out the structures of the new Library of Alexandria
Cairo, 20 March 2001  -- Presidential decree 76 for year 2001 was signed today. It spells out how the New Library of Alexandria is to be governed and managed. A high level Council of Patrons, including such luminaries a the President of France and the Queen of Spain, would meet once every three years or so. The chair of the Council of Patrons would be the president or his designate (the first Lady), and would also chair the Board of Trustees which would meet annually. The Board of Trustees comprises five ex-officio members: The ministers of Higher Education, Culture, and Foreign Affairs, and the Governor of Alexandria and the President of the University of Alexandria. The remaining members are selected for their eminence and include Egyptians and Non Egyptians. The Board is to approve the internal rules and regulations of the Library and appoint the Director General by two thirds vote of its membership. [Click here to view the Presidential Decree].
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