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A Lecture about Bioethics
Alexandria, 13 August 2009  -- Serageldin gives a lecture on 13 August 2009, entitled “Ethics in Biological Sciences”. He presents a review of some of the issues and some of the approaches that Egypt might follow. This is based on his international experience, as well as a recent round-table discussion held at the BA entitled “Research Bioethics”, in which some of the top people from the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Egypt participated.

The revolutionary developments in the new biological sciences have resulted in raising a lot of questions that old technologies did not pose. This is particularly true in Medicine, whether in research or in clinical applications, but also exists in the domains of agriculture and environment. National policies as much as individual behavior of practitioners and researchers all confront ethical questions that transcend the technical or scientific answers.

The Lecture is held at the BACC Great Hall at 10:00 am, and is open for public.

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