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Serageldin addresses 75th meeting of ICAD
Deventer, The Netherlands, 20 November 2003  --  - Ismail Serageldin addressed the 75th meeting of the International Conference on Agriculture and Development. Before a packed audience he articulated his views about the problems of international trade and agriculture in relation to the needs of developing countries. He also highlighted the issue of vulnerability and pointed out that population pressures in some key developing countries, especially India and China, will generate enormous demands for increased food production. India and China must generate enough food of an additional 700-800 million persons in the next 30 years, largely on the same land and water. Success in these endeavors is essential if these countries are not to become importers of grain, which would have a major effect on world prices. This in turn, would have a very negative impact on the poor food importing countries of Africa. Addressing these issues will need a combination of novel approaches and techniques in food production, and special treatment for agricultural issues in international trade.
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