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Serageldin Chairs Fifth Session of the Japan-Arab Dialogue Forum
Alexandria, 19 November 2007  -- The delegations of Japan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt convened for the fifth session of the Japan-Arab Dialogue Forum and have reviewed three topics: the political situation, avenues for economic cooperation and the promotion of the Japan-Arab cultural dialogue. On each of these topics, the parties reviewed possibilities and candidly shared views and analyses, hopes and concerns. The discussions were on the whole very candid and very wide ranging. The three heads of delegations (Mr. Taro Nakayama, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan; Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Zamil, Member of the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia and Mr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria of Egypt) agreed in substance on this summary of the discussions being presented by the chairman at a joint press conference on 19 November 2007.

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