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A keynote Speech on the Dialogue of Civilization
Kuwait, 26 October 2009  -- As one of twelve internationally renowned scholars and policy makers making up the board members of the Universal Networking Digital Language Foundations (UNDL), Serageldin will attend the 9th Board Meeting convened at the Arab Fund Headquarters today. On the occasion of the meeting, an International Symposium on the Universal Networking Language (UNL), will also be held today at the University of Kuwait, where Serageldin will give a keynote speech entitled The Dialogue of Civilization Today: Cultural and Technical challenges. Following the speech will be a roundtable discussion on the UNL as a bridge to the dialogue of civilizations.

The UNL is a computer language that enables computers to process information and knowledge. It is an artificial language that replicates the functions of natural languages The UNDL has a special mandate from the United Nations for developing and promoting the UNL to the benefit of all nations. This is accomplished with the cooperation of a global network of UNL language centers.

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