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The Pasha remembered
Alexandria, 15 November 2005  -- To mark the bicentennial of Mohamed Ali Pasha’s reign over Egypt, the BA hosted “Mohamed Ali and the World”; a conference to celebrate the historic achievements of the man who the world came to know as the father of modern Egypt. At the closing session, Ismail Serageldin spoke of Ali as a visionary and highlighted many of his worthy achievements in Egypt and the Arab world. The conference also heard Dr. Mohamed Awad, Director of the AlexMed Center at the BA, Dr. Emad Abu Ghazy, representative of the Supreme Council of Culture and Dr. Raouf Abbas, President of the Egyptian Society for Historical Studies. An exhibition showing rare photos of Mohamed Ali complemented the three-day conference. The event was organized jointly by the BA, the French Consulate in Alexandria, the Egyptian Society for Historical Studies and the Higher Council for Culture.

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