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Serageldin leaves the World Bank
Washington DC, 11 July 2000  -- It has actually happened! Ismail Serageldin has left the World Bank. Notice of his retirement has been posted on the World Bank news.

Ismail seems to be making quite a change. He has already relinquished his chairmanships of CGIAR and CGAP and the Water commission (which completed its work in March, 2000), and will soon be relinquishing his chairmanship of GWP in August.

Ismail will be going back to Egypt in the fall. It is likely that Ismail Serageldin will give a series of talks as part of the University's distinguished lecture series, and is also keen to help with important cultural projects like the Library of Alexandria and the new Egyptian Museum. In addition he will maintain his strong interests and active involvement in the international issues that he has worked on for all these years: poverty reduction, women's rights and human rights, environmental management, education and cultural issues, among others. And he will continue his service with Worldview International and his involvement with Youth Employment.

World Bank Retirement Notice

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