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On the Threats and Opportunities of Water Security
Stockholm, 04 September 2010  -- Serageldin was invited to be the first speaker at the 1st Global Water Partnership (GWP) Annual Lecture at the closing session of the 2010 Consulting Partners Meeting of the GWP, held on the theme of Exploring the Role of Water Security in Regional Economic Development. The lecture, entitled Global challenges and water security; threats and opportunities, drew the audience into an enthusiastic question and answer session.

Serageldin was the founding chair of the GWP (from 1996 to 2002) and, as a world renowned expert on global water issues, continues to support the GWP.

The GWP network works to support the sustainable development and management of water resources in order to attain a water secure world. Founded in 1996, the network now spans 2176 partner organizations in 150 countries.

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