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Creating the Concept of Shared Value
London, 26 May 2010  -- At the second Creating Shared Value Forum, Nestlé and the International Business Leaders’ Forum, with the participation of the UN Office for Partnerships, brought together international leading experts in the areas of nutrition, water and rural development to discuss the challenges facing the world in these areas, and the role of business in solving them.

In a panel on Water and Sustainability, Serageldin, - together with co-speakers Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman, Nestlé, S.A.; Jeffrey Sachs, Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University; Jan Lundquist, Chair of the World Water Week Scientific Program Committee, Stockholm International Water Institute; Stuart Orr, Director, Freshwater Program, World Wildlife Fund; Colin Chartres, Director General, International Water Management Institute; Will Day, Chair, Sustainable Development Commission, UK; Thomas Downing, Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford University; and Moderator Maria Cattaui, Former Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce, former Managing Director, World Economic Forum, - discussed and explored the challenges of water management, climate change and food security, as well as the outcomes of the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

During the Forum, Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value Advisory Board, of which Serageldin is a member, selected the winner of the first Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value. The award went to International Development Enterprises (IDE) Cambodia, the Cambodian branch of an international not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to create income opportunities for poor rural households.
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