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Thousands of youths attend Model UN in the Hague
The Hague, 23 January 2001  -- Thousands opf young people from over 90 countries converged on the Hague for the week lon simulation of the United Nations. The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) is now the best known such effort in the world. This year they chose the theme of youth employment, and invited Ismail Serageldin to deliver the keynote address to the opening assembly. Serageldin also addressed the special session on employment and joined in two workshops organized by the Youth Employment Summit (YES).

Speaking to some 4000 young people, Serageldin spoke of youth employment problems in the context of world problems, and invoked his audience to retain their idealism and change the world.. [Click here to read the speech].

The speech to the special session was more detailed and involved discussion of strategies for promoting youth employment and explained the Youth Employment Summit (YES) and the steps towards its implementation. [click here for the Youth Employment Summit (YES) home page]

The workshops were aimed at involving the young delegates in taking action on the issues of youth employment in their own communities when they get back. They will be important parts of the network of activists that YES is building around the world.

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