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President Mubarak inaugurates the second conference on reform in the Arab world at the BA
Alexandria, 13 March 2005  -- For the second year in a row, President Mubarak came to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to inaugurate the Arab Reform Conference, as an additional indication to his committed support to this initiative. The President stated that the Alexandria Declaration March 2004 was a major step in the process intended to fashion out a coherent vision of action for Arab reform. In his introductory speech [Link], Serageldin thanked President Mubarak most sincerely for the strong and consistent support he has given to the Arab Reform Forum in its pursuit of its purpose. In closing, President Mubarak wished all the participants fruitful deliberations in the course of the two-day event. The President delivered his speech [link] in a special session at 10 am, and the conference was scheduled to start at 4:00 pm. This years theme for the Arab Reform Conference is Successful Models of Civil Society Organizations.
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