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CIS architects discuss faith, pluralism and architecture
Moscow, 23 July 2000  -- Architects from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and international architects met in Moscow for an international seminar co-sponsored by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) and the International Association of Unions of Architects. The purpose of the seminar was to discuss the issues of "Expressions of Faith in Contemporary Architecture". Ismail Serageldin gave the opening address on "Architecture and Pluralism in Contemporary Societies" where he argued that the "cultural expressions of subgroups within a nation should be the basis for the enrichment of the whole, not the exclusion of the other". Azim Nanji gave the closing address. The seminar was rich in debate with many examples from different parts of the world presented and discussed, as well as the experience of the CIS countries. Among the international participants were Hassan Uddin Khan (Pakistan), Ali Shuaibi (Saudi Arabia), Azim Nanji (Kenya/US), Darab Diba (Iran) and Suha Ozkan (SG of the AKAA).
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