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Turning Brain Drain into Brain Gain
Davos, Switzerland, 22 January 2004  -- The discussions on the role of the universities were attended by extremely eminent panelists and resulted in the presentation of many innovative ideas. Ismail Serageldin, having just completed the inter-academy report on capacity building in Science and technology, focused his remarks on three aspects learned from that large-scale review. First, that some brain drain is inevitable given the age structures in the industrialized and the developing countries, thus the ability of building special bridges with those expatriate scientists was an important task for the developing countries. Second, that the brain drain is as much from Europe to the US as it is from the developing countries to the industrialized world. Thus the phenomenon should not be over simplified. Third, that special efforts by the industrial country universities and research institutions to facilitate real collaboration with the scientists in the developing countries, through programs helping their promising talent, from digital libraries, to on-line course material, to sandwich programs to special post-doc research grants, would all help transform the conventional brain drain into a real brain gain.
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