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Serageldin Chairman of the Executive Council of the WDL
Washington DC, 06 August 2010  -- Serageldin has been elected, from among 89 distinguished partners, as Chairman of the Executive Council of the World Digital Library (WDL).

According to James Billington, Librarian of Congress and Project Manager of the WDL, Serageldin was chosen owing to his sound expertise and accomplishment in establishing the BA, in just a few years, as a major cultural and intellectual center for knowledge worldwide.

The BA has been one of the earliest and most enthusiastic supporters of the WDL since its inception in 2006. The BA is contributing to the project with its digital collection and technical expertise, as the ICT Sector at the BA has been chosen to co-chair the Technical Architecture Committee with the Library of Congress.

The Executive Council provides leadership to the WDL in keeping up with its goals to expand multilingual and culturally diverse content on the Internet, to provide resources to educators, contribute to scholarly research and to build knowledge and capacity in the developing world in order to narrow the “digital divide”.

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