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Serageldin articulates link between productivity and governance
Davos, 27 January 2005  -- In a thoughtful article on Governance, Competitiveness and the Arab Future, Serageldin spelled out the case of the Arab World and illustrated the aspects and steps towards political, social, and cultural reforms while listing a number of recommendations that Arab governments must take to affect change. These include, among others, the establishment of credible macro-management of the economy, flexible institution, Investment in human and social capital, facilitation of the flow of knowledge and information, enhancement of inter-Arab cooperation, and enabling legislation which allows the civil society to flourish. It also examines the meaning of governance, its key components of transparency, accountability, pluralism, and participation, the rule of law, the free flow of information, democracy, respect for human rights ,gender equality, and the availability of a learning environment that nurtures innovation and respects youth as opportunity. It elaborates on the concept of sustainability as opportunity and the importance of social capital in good governance. It analyzes globalization lessons of the past and warns against repeating the problems of the industrial revolution. The paper presents a new vision for the Arab world.
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