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Serageldin as distinguished visiting Professor at American University in Cairo (AUC) to speak on development
Cairo, 01 September 2000  --

Ismail Serageldin has now officially joined the AUC as Distinguished Visiting Professor. He will give a series of eleven public lectures this fall. They cover the gamut of the topics pertaining to development. Herewith the schedule of the lectures:

Ismail Serageldin -- Lecture Series at AUC
September to November 2000

(Venue: AUC Oriental Hall, 5:30 to 7:30 PM)

Dates and Topics of lectures:
(All lectures will be followed by discussions)

September 2000
Sunday 17 Water
Monday 18 Food Security and Agriculture
Tuesday 19 Biotechnology

October 2000
Sunday 1 Culture and Development
Monday 2 Historic Cities
Wednesday 4 Urbanization and Housing
Sunday 8 Empowerment and micro-finance for the poor
Tuesday 17 Information and Communication revolution

November 2000
Wednesday 1 Education, Health and Youth
Sunday 5 Population and Environment
Monday 6 Towards Sustainable development

For a detailed description of the lectures please click here.

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